Need help with Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability:

Have you been denied benefits?

They are several questions to ask but the most important one begins here.


Do I qualify for Social Security Disability?

The test is whether you are unable, because of a physical and/or mental impairment, or combination of both, to be substantially gainfully employed in the national economy. That determination is based the severity of your impairments, your educational level, past work experience, and transferable skills.


Are there different kinds of disability?

Yes. There is Social Security Disability, which applies to those individuals who have paid Social Security Tax for a certain period of time based on your age. If you have not paid enough tax into the system, Supplemental Security Income will provide you with benefits at a much lower rate.


When do I need a lawyer to help me?

You can hire a lawyer at any time during the process. However, I generally tell clients to apply first and, if they are denied at the initial stage, then seek counsel for the next stage which is to have your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge.

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