Commercial carriers are involved in thousands of wrecks every year.

Eighteen Wheeler Wreck:

Unfortunately, most are preventable.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed regulations to help prevent serious injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, not all truckers, carriers and brokers follow them.


Investigation is Key

Following an eighteen-wheeler wreck, an investigation needs to be conducted as soon as possible. You need to seek legal counsel immediately if you have been injured or a loved one has been killed. The carrier’s insurance company begins their investigation as soon as a collision has been reported. It is vitally important to make sure evidence doesn’t disappear or gets “lost” by the carrier’s insurance company.


What are the causes of eighteen-wheeler wrecks?

It comes down to drivers and their employers. Drivers could be distracted, tired, engaging in substance abuse, failed to maintain their rigs and cargo, road rage and lack of attention to highway conditions. Motor carriers can be guilty of improper hiring, retention and training. Further, carriers are charged with maintenance of eighteen-wheeler rigs. Unfortunately, they don’t always do the best job.

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