Is a Dog Owner Liable if His or Her Dog Bites Me?

Dog Bites:

The Law can impose liability for the owner’s of dogs who cause injury to another.

One must prove that the owner knew of its dog’s vicious propensities. An owner or keeper of a dog will be charged with the knowledge and propensities of that particular breed.


What Should I do if I Have Been it?

You need to determine the ownership of the animal and it’s breed as soon as possible. Speak to the owner and determine whether or not there have been previous bites and whether the dog owner has insurance coverage. Be sure to get the insurance company name, policy number and contact information. Seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible. Also, seek legal advice as soon as possible.


Should I Call the Police?

Yes. The authorities should be called to make an incident report. That can go a long way in establishing credibility. It will also contain useful information concerning the dog owner. Also, the police will call animal control so the offending animal can be quarantined for rabies. This could save your life!


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