If you have been hurt in a car wreck, it’s best to seek medical help and legal advice as soon as you can.


Insurance companies have trained professionals who are nice but are trained to defeat your recovery.

Adjusters are trained to take your statement while you are still
under the influence of medications that might cloud your memory. Then, they will use that statement against you. Also, many times, they have been known to offer a quick settlement before the total extent of your injuries may be known.


What should I do if I am in a wreck?

Cooperate with law enforcement, as they will be trying to determine who is at fault. Get a copy of the Alabama Crash Report as soon as possible and review it for errors. These sometimes do occur and can severely affect liability and damages. Get the name, address, and insurance information of the offending driver if you are able. Always go to the emergency room or seek medical treatment even if there is only a slight possibility you have been hurt. Often, adrenaline takes over which can mask your injuries.


What kinds of damages am I entitled to?

Under Alabama Law, you are entitled to many types of damages for which you have suffered a loss. These include; medical expenses; lost wages; impairment to earning capacity; mental distress and anguish; pain and suffering; and, disfigurement and scarring.

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